Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Braised cabbage with seitan

Mmmm...seitan...this is some homemade chicken-style okara popcorn seitan (see sidebar for recipes) and it is so good that I ate about half a huge batch when I first made it and that pretty much did me for a couple of months.  Now I'm back into it, and rather strangely, because it is so very simple, one of my go-to recipes for seitan these days is the Braised cabbage with seitan from Vegan Appetite.  Non-glamorous as it is, this is one of my favorite recipes from a cookbook I respect, and I've made it many times.

Today's post isn't about that recipe, however, but about one of my riffs on it, not necessarily better--the original recipe is very good, especially in the winter when people (me and it seems so many of my favorite bloggers) are craving cabbage, but just sort of expanded to include--guess what?--kabocha squash!!  Okay, what isn't better with kabocha squash? 

This is another one of those meals you don't really need a recipe for.  Start by frying up some tasty seitan in a little canola oil until golden.  Add garlic to taste, along with a dusting of thyme and some red pepper flakes, and continue to fry until the garlic is fragrant.  Add vegetable broth or (as I did) water + a tablespoon or two of Bryanna Clark Grogan's "chicken-style" broth powder and your squash:

Oh, yum, this is looking propitious already!  Now fill up the pot with chopped green cabbage:

...and continue to cook, covered, until the cabbage and squash are tender, 15 minutes or so, then taste for salt.  I had some broccoli flowers whose stems I had used for juice, so I added it right at the end:

A super-simple recipe with only about 10 minutes of action required, and so tasty!  Thanks again, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, for the inspiration ;-)


  1. I've been intending to make this one for ages. I have a big Napa cabbage that needs using.....it's funny, I bought that cabbage because it looked so much like the kale the store was out of that day, AND it was local, but have you ever compared the nutritional content of kale and cabbage? Of course, cabbage is still very healthy but kale blows it out of the water!!!

  2. Stacy, I see what you mean. Interestingly, kale also has twice the calories (not that either has so many)! I had thought it would be the other way around, since cabbage is so sweet. While I was searching, I found this site, http://skipthepie.org/ where you can enter any food and compare its detailed nutritional data with any other food. Kewl!

    I have added some kale/collards to this recipe in the past, BTW, and it's still good but the dark leafies mysteriously turn it into some other dish entirely...

  3. I'm not craving Cabbage or Kabocha. Something's wrong with me!

  4. Shenandoah, clearly. You should get yourself checked out...