Monday, November 28, 2011

20-minute Monday - Green split pea dal + braised carrots and parsnips, etc.

It was 20 minutes because I had the split peas pre-cooked, and although there would have been time to steam some plain rice, this fancy dish was leftover Shirini polow (sweet rice with carrots and orange peel) from Claudia Roden's The New Book of Middle Eastern Food.  The rice recipe is similar to this one, and I used Soy Curls in place of the chicken, but next time I'll leave them out--the rice is superb on its own.

And for the green pea dal, I had one eye on this recipe from the International Society of Krishna Consciousness, but changed it around by having the dal pre-cooked, adding all the spices and whatnot with the tarka at the end, including an onion in the tarka, and leaving out the coconut milk.

There was all this wonderful spicy caramelized stuff left in the pan after the tarka, so I braised a little cabbage in it to take advantage of that.

And, finally, you see carrot and parsnip coins braised in a speck of Becel Vegan and the juice of a clementine.

Not exactly a one-pot meal, but it came together fast, I can say that ;-)  And it was very, very yummy!


  1. Does look/sound very very yummy. I love that you put orange peel in the rice and braised the carrots and parsnip in clementine juice.

  2. it's so great to be able to read/see your posts again on such a regular basis!! I look at the pictures first and then go back and read the print. Love the orange of the carrots and the green of the peas together. :-)

  3. Hmmmm.....I may need to appropriate the carrot-parsnip combo for a side for tonight's dinner!

  4. Thanks, Rose, it was very good. And there was lime juice in the dal as well, so it was a sunny, citrus kind of meal!

    Jamie, that's so nice!

    Stacy, it was a good mix, and of course would be even better if you aren't trying to limit fat etc. (as they say on the Food Network, "If you want flavour, just add some butter!") It works with vegan butter too...

  5. Oh man, that looks and sounds so delicious. I've had the worst time with green split peas — they never get soft! I've tried several times over the years — buying new ones each time — but I always end up defeated. Can't understand it. Maybe I'll try cooking them in the slow cooker.

  6. Just looking at your meals brightens my day. :)