Saturday, October 22, 2011

MoFo Mystery Picture the Twenty-second + a little haute cuisine

You guys are getting too good at this!  Before the confirmation of all your guesses, behold my supper tonight.  I've been messing about again in The Artful Vegan, mixing up recipes from various pages to suit me.  Surprisingly though, perhaps because I was determined to be organized today, or because of the particular recipes I chose, it didn't take all that long to put it together.

Here are the pieces:

Here you see, clockwise from the upper left, a baby bok choy split in half for braising, the Roasted beet lasagnette filling (basically raw beets mixed with a kind of spicy vinaigrette which will be oven-roasted), some okra stuffed with a spice mix from Asian Vegan Kitchen (I had the spice mix left over from another dish and of course, had some okra lying about), polenta firming in a little pan, Carrot-habanero sauce, and finally tofu marinating in a Tamarind-cardamom glaze.

And here's the whole finished thing, plated...except the okra, which I forgot in their little frying pan:

Pretty!  Colorful and fun to do as well.  The Tamarind-cardamom glaze and the Carrot-habanero sauce especially were quite wonderful; I believe the whole of The Artful Vegan is up on Google Books if you want to look them up for yourselves.

And for anybody who didn't get it, the answer to yesterday's MoFo mystery picture was cloves:

Tomorrow, something diabolically difficult...


  1. It does look like pasta, but I don't think Zoa would post that in her less-carby days. Even less likely: Lisa Simpson's head?

    That meal looks absolutely beautiful. We have so many beets in our garden right now...I should go check out that book.

  2. That is a gorgeous plate of food! Certainly qualifies as haute cuisine...5 stars!! Mmm, I love the sound of the tamarind-cardomom all sounds so very gourmet!