Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MoFo Mystery Picture the Eighteenth

Oooh, super tricky!

Wow, I'm, like, a day behind!  I'll have to make up for it tomorrow with a super-splendiferous post.

Nobody ever did guess yesterday's, though!  Score!

Here's what it was:


  1. Hmm...orange or lemon zest, perhaps? I hope I didn't just embarass myself there, because I'm not very good at guessing the identities of these mystery items. :/ Haha

  2. I'm going to cheat off Andrea, only I don't think it's dough, I think it's baked bread crust. Actually, I don't think it's either of those things....but I'm stumped!

  3. Every day I look at these pictures and squint my eyes and zoom out a lot. It doesn't help at all, but I'm sure I look like an idiot at work.

    My guess is...tortilla chips?

  4. None of these guesses is even close...but this is a tough one. I'll give you a hint: it's something that also appears in one of the composed food (not mystery picture) posts this month.

  5. GINGER!!! OMG! So simple now you've said...it was bugging me though 'cos I knew I knew it! Todays I think is a satsuma or tangerine. DOH! Just read your comment, OK.....hmmmmmmm......brown sugar??