Sunday, April 3, 2011

Caulipots & chickpea piccata (Appetite for Reduction)

I had a lovely day today. The sun came out in the afternoon and I was able (well wrapped in a black heat-attracting coat) to sit in it, surrounded by my yard o' snow & ice, and because it is, after all, even in this unseasonably frozen wasteland, technically April, I even got a bit of a tan.

But before that I was wandering about the neighborhood and ended up buying Appetite for Reduction today, because this morning the clever idea struck me that calorie counting would be easier if the calories were listed right with the recipe. Why didn't this occur to me two months ago? Well I guess, as Isa herself might say, I'm just imprudent like that.

Anyway, I have it now, and above you see some caulipots (a mixture of mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower) and the chickpea piccata, as well as some stir fried baby bok choy. I've wanted to try mashed cauliflower for some time and it's actually really good, not indistinguishable from straight-up mashed potatoes, but if you like cauliflower (I love it) a very nice alternative. The dish is basically equal amounts of cauliflower and potatoes, boiled together and coarsely mashed. The boiling liquid can be economically used as stock in the piccata, so not a vitamin was sacrificed in the making of this meal.

On edit: I see the PPK has posted the recipe for the chickpea piccata here if you don't have Appetite for Reduction and want to try it.

The whole plate has about 375 calories in total, and the servings shown here are a little less than given in the book--I was surprised with both recipes how generous the servings were for the calories in them. So, yay, I got to shop for books, sit in the sun, spend time in the kitchen messing over more than one pot, and enjoy a great meal as well.

Appetite for Reduction looks fun. It is very much a lunch and supper book and doesn't cover breakfasts and doesn't include any desserts (the latter being not a defect, but a bonus, in my opinion). But there's a big section on main dish salads and lots of bean, tofu, soup, stew and chili recipes. I was surprised and pleased to see that Isa has many variations on the theme of salad dressings and sauces using nuts rather than oil, something I've been doing in some of the Asian salads I've been experimenting with, and I look forward to trying her takes. And of course, the famous OMG oven-baked onion rings, eventually…


  1. Ugh; I've banned all cookbook purchases because I can't fit any more on my shelf (and don't use the ones I have often enough), but you're making me think I should get Appetite for Reduction!

    By the way, I managed to forget to say congratulations on your weight loss in my last comment - very impressive!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Just my style.
    I love AfR. I just finished doing a Cookbook Club run through and review of it, but there's still so much more I want to make. Seems like you picked a really great dish.

  3. That's pretty good that you got a little tan even!

    I love cauliflower too, and eating it mashed sounds yummy. I'm looking forward to your lighter cooking ideas. Like Renae, I have had to put a halt to new cookbooks; I already have so many that I don't use enough! :) But, I'm lazy, looking at blogs is so much easier than opening a cookbook.

  4. That meal looks great! The caulipots are delicious. Adding the cauliflower gives a nice dimension to the flavor. I'm looking forward to trying the chickpea piccata, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. My favorite recipe from AFR would have to be the baked falafel. The addition of hot sauce to the recipe adds a pleasant little kick. Plus, I don't have any of that heavy feeling of eating fried dough balls since they're baked. (I put mine on parchment paper instead of a greased pan, which reduces the oil even more.)

  5. It's great you got to enjoy the sun, even though bundled up and surrounded by snow. That's determination! One of these days I'm going to buy AFR — I read so much about it, and the recipes always look so good. Why must I want every cook book? Why?

  6. Wonderful to see your posts again (really, they are so enjoyable!!), and wonderful to hear how good you are feeling (aside from that last impossible two feet of snow...always seems to take an eon to melt)!