Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chipotle, seitan and potato tacos + Becel vegan margarine

Anyone else seen this? My mom found it in Safeway, just tucked in amongst all the other magarines with no fanfare around it. Hey! A choice! This is cheaper than Earth Balance, and in my opinion better tasting, go try it for yourselves. It's definitely the "spreading" kind of margarine rather than the "baking" kind. Nevertheless, I think I've gained five pounds since I bought this little tub.

My blog has been on an unintentional hiatus while I reorganize my daily routine somewhat, for which I apologize to anyone who's been checking in hoping for a new post. I've been cooking, but mostly relatively easy comfort foods like dals and quick pastas and stews. Because a lot of Latin dishes fit into the "quick and relatively easy" category, I have been doing quite a bit of cooking out of Viva Vegan. Here's one of those meals.  The recipe for the tacos is online at Google Books:

Above are shown the ingredients for the Creamy avocado-tomato salsa (except the avocado, added right at the end), whose flavours melded while I prepared:

Chipotle seitan, shown here marinating in its tangy chipotle-lime sauce as the potatoes steamed (the recipe has them roasted, then fried but I'd as soon do it this way):

Get the toppings together:
Radish, cilantro, red onions, and shredded cabbage
Fry the marinated seitan until just crispy at the edges: it looks like this:

Set it aside while you fry the potatoes in what's left of the marinade:

Yummy?  You bet!  Have your tortillas ready:

And build it:

Maybe it wasn't the quickest weeknight meal in the world, but there were lots of leftovers for lunch salads, which were just as good as this!  Mexican food tastes fantastic at any time, but especially for some reason in the winter.


  1. I've been wondering where you were, and I missed you! Everything I've tried from Viva Vegan has been good, but I see it's time to get it off the shelf again and cook something. Your tacos are inspirational.

  2. It is good to see that you are back:) Great post with awesome pictures. Your tacos look delicious!

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  4. I missed you too! I was getting tired of looking at that big snowbank outside your patio doors! Your tortilla looks totally yummy!

  5. Je ne tr0uve pas cette margarine :::: ??? peux-tu m'aider à en tr0uver ??? merci

  6. Those are homemade tortillas, aren't they? You are so funny with your "quick and easy". ;) It looks delicious; I've been eating a lot of Mexican lately, too. I should really probably get Viva Vegan. I keep telling myself I have enough cookbooks, but I probably don't.