Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aloo methi

The spirit of my MoFo quest lives's something I've been reading about but had not seen until today, when I found it at H & W Produce--methi.  Methi is the young fenugreek plant, a very popular green in India, but fairly rare here.  My specimen didn't look like much when I bought it, but improved greatly after a bath in cool water.  It tastes like fenugreek seeds, only much milder, and of course it's greens.  The net effect is refreshing and delicious, easy to describe if you're already familiar with fenugreek seeds (or sprouts; the seeds make fantastic sprouts), but hard to describe if you're not...

One of the most popular Indian methods of cooking this is in aloo methi (methi with potatoes), and I used this recipe

To go with it, I made a tarka dal with the last of my green mangoes, which dissolved completely into it, leaving only their tart ghosts, and some chappati.  I love this kind of meal and could eat it nearly every day:


  1. Yet another food I haven't tried. And another meal that looks and sounds delicious.

    (p.s. I read the post before you took it down. I was thinking of taking mine down, too, but probably won't. I liked what you said, and wanted to reread it but now it's gone. Time to move on, I guess.)

  2. Thanks, Andrea. No, don't take yours down! It is really good, and you got so many excellent comments. I agonize over how much of "the dark side" to engage in a public way. Although I don't use my real name, my family and friends and people from work read my's nice to focus on the good things and the sweetness and light of veganism, but sometimes I get so angry and frustrated and upset, and this whole incident royally pushed my buttons (as it did yours, I know). I guess if these things didn't bother me I wouldn't be living the way I do. Yet I'm not activist material, it seems, except in the positive way of making vegan cooking accessible inasmuch as I'm able to do that, which is okay, too. Some people relish confrontation but for me it's torture. And there's enough of that going around already...

  3. Thanks for posting this. I recently found I could get fresh methi in the Indian grocery near me and I've been meaning to pick some up and try some of the many recipes I have that call for it; this is a great reminder.