Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shredded tofu (noodle salad)

This is a copycat post, or let's say a tribute, to the one it's based on over at LimeCake.  So if you'll check her post out you'll see many of the same reflections, and also find the recipe, which I took from there.  I encourage you to click because her pictures are great, and this recipe is very tasty.

So what is shredded tofu?  It's sheets of very firm tofu cut into long, pasta-like shreds and, like LimeCake, I found mine in a plastic packet refrigerated in the oriental market.

This stuff is really neat.  It's lo-carb and gluten free and very high in protein.  Plus it has a nice taste that would go well with, say, spaghetti sauce, in my opinion.  You might imagine it would get all mushy and decompose when boiled, but not so!

Right out of the packet, but messed up a little to loosen it, here's what the shreds look like:

They're not exactly raw--after all, this is just tofu in shred form--but the texture improves with 2-3 minutes in boiling water, where it actually firms up some more and turns a shade whiter.  The texture of the cooked shreds is much like that of whole wheat spaghetti, firm but a bit crumbly:

Now that it's warm, it's also in a better mood to absorb flavourings.  I did things a little differently from the recipe here, in that I used some Korean dipping sauce from the fridge for my dressing, but it has essentially the same ingredients as the ones in the LimeCake recipe.  Also, I par-boiled my vegetables, just for a few seconds.  The vegetables I used were carrot, green onion, and the leftover Chinese okra from yesterday:

The okra is somewhat bitter, raw, but also didn't stand up very well to shredding and par-boiling--it's just a little too soft.  Zucchini or mo qua would be better, but the squash addition itself was nice.

I mixed up the tofu shreds with the sauce, let it marinate while I prepared the vegetables, then added those right at the end.  I ate this warm, but I'm sure it will be equally wonderful cold in my lunch tomorrow.


  1. Whoa, Zoa, you are a mofo machine! I can barely keep up, though I try because I don't want to miss anything! In my refrigerator right now are two packages of shirataki (yold you I was behind) which I haven't managed to use yet, and now here's another noodlish thing of interest. Sigh.

  2. I actually saw these at my local grocery store the other day! I am going for it very soon!

  3. That looks fantastic! It's always fun discovering new foods! Thanks for the trackback!

  4. Andrea, I'm feeling a bit like a machine these last few days. Did I mention that I'm probably borderline OCD and when I say I'll do a thing I damn well have to do it. This gets me in trouble at work sometimes...these tofu shreds are definitely a thing of interest, as are, equally, the shirataki. Check the expiration date on the shirataki, it lasts practically forever so don't let it stress you out. But enjoy!

    Rose, truly, they're interesting, something I'll be buying repeatedly in future. In future (after this month) practically no one is going to be able to decipher my posts. They'll all rather learnedly refer to arcane ingredients most of my readers have never heard of, bwah hahahaha! Ahem, nor would I have without this month and its never ending research. It's a fun project, for sure, though also a bit taxing in some ways. I'm losing weight because I'm making these micro-portions of stuff I'm pretty sure I won't like, then end up loving...

  5. Hi, LimeCake (she says shyly). You're welcome. You deserve it!

  6. I've never seen shredded tofu so I'll have to look harder at the Asian market. Y
    our dish looks delicious!

  7. I've never seen this, but I'll make sure to look for it when I'm in a country with Asian markets (sigh!) again. It looks great!

  8. I've seen it in the store, but I don't think I'd buy it. It looks pretty intimidating.