Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Vegan MoFo 2010 project

Where the magic happens!
Happy Hallowe'en, everyone, or Samhain or whatever you're celebrating!  This is just a quick post to introduce my project, before it begins tomorrow, and to wish my fellow Mofies a fun and educational November.  This is my second MoFo, and last year was so much fun, but so much research and other work (I was eating Japanese for the whole month) that I didn't get a chance to explore the efforts of others as much as I wanted to, and also felt restricted by my theme in that I couldn't replicate some of the awesome dishes I was seeing on the other blogs, since they weren't Japanese.  This year I plan to be much more free.

Often in moods of reckless optimism, I buy food items that, well, I don't know what they are exactly but they look intriguing, or that I've read about and always wanted to try, or I pass items in the grocery store and every single time think to myself, What on earth is that?  Or I see other people buying stuff and wonder what they're doing with it all.  The other day I was in line at the market behind a Jamaican guy who was buying plantain.  Lots of plaintain.  I'd seen him in the plaintain section joyfully yelling into his cell phone, "I found it, I found it, even though you said it wasn't here!"  So we were standing there waiting for the checkout and I asked him what he did with it.  "I just cook it, you know."  Thanks, Jamaican guy.  I hope that this month I'll be a lot more informative than that.

November is going to be my month of enlightenment about these foods.  When I sat down to write a list of things I was interested in trying, I easily came up with far more than 30 items, probably about half of which I already have but haven't got around to experimenting with for one reason or another.  They're spices, fruits, vegetables, dried things, riffs on some of the food I already eat like "tofu strands" that look like spaghetti but are tofu.  A lot of them are Asian, but not all.  I've never tried posole, for instance, or habanero peppers.

Workspace and compost container; in my tiny kitchen I try to be neat, or at least clean up after making a mess

My list isn't finished, and I certainly haven't done all my posting ahead of time like some clever Mofies, so I'll be experimenting day by day and hopefully can work in some of the ingriguing things others will be doing as well.  My only restriction is that I have to try at least one new (to me) food item per day.

Best wishes to all, thanks to the organizers for facilitating this excellent event, and let the games begin!


  1. I love to look at other people's shopping baskets and wonder what they're making too! This sounds like an awesome theme! Cool pics of your kitchen; it's fun to see where all the magic happens.

    Happy Halloween and HappyMoFoing! I'll be announcing my theme tomorrow...I'm still not sure how it's going to pan out...we'll see.

  2. I LOVE your idea and can't wait to read about your adventures with all those foods!I am sure you 'll have soo much fun!!!

  3. I am in LOVE...with your immaculate and beautiful and organized and did I say beautiful - great work!!! Wanna set up mine? Thanks for the inspiration - GREAT site too!!!

  4. Hrumph. My comment completely disappeared. I'm sure your mofo posts will be fascinating and informative — can't wait to see what new ingredients you've discovered. Oh, by the way, how does someone who cooks so much maintain such a neat and clean kitchen?

  5. Shenandoah, your whole blog is a perpetual MoFo!

    Rose, I love looking at other people`s homes, so I thought I`d give a glance at mine...

    Thanks, Roselie: I shopped on my way to family dinner yesterday and showed my family some of the items I plan to showcase and they were...astonished...begged me, in fact, not to invite them for supper here during the month of November. Stay tuned!

    Oh, Lisa, thanks so much! My kitchen actually does look like this both before and after cooking (love clutter in other people`s houses, hate it in mine; even bookshelves are forbidden in the living area). During cooking...sigh...I think it would be a great MoFo or other theme, to show a kitchen in progress as it were...

    Andrea, sorry about your post! To answer your question, she doesn`t. See above.

  6. I can't believe how neat your kitchen is! I'm in awe. My kitchen looks absolutely NOTHING like that...other than the fact I have the same spice racks! I'm looking forward to your posts; you've already introduced me to bat nuts - what's next?

  7. Renae, I've seen pictures of your kitchen and I absolutely love it. I was eating my own heart when, just after I purchased those Ikea spice racks, I saw what you had done with your vintage jars. So cool! Why don't I think of this stuff? In their favour, the Ikea ones (and yours of course) at least hold a decent volume, which is why I bought them.

    Anyway, behind those clean white cupboards, chaos reigns! Sometimes it's easier to go to the store and buy something than try to locate it somewhere in the back there under the packets of agar agar and the dried mushrooms and bean threads...