Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A very simple mac and cheeze

Surprisingly tasty despite the mere seconds it takes to put this together, I was really pleased with this experiment. This is very much a non-gourmet, vegan Kraft Dinner kind of thing…

A very simple mac and cheese

2 cups unsweetened soymilk
2 tbsp Joanne Stepaniak's All-season blend (see sidebar for recipe)
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp Earth Balance (omit for fat free)
2 cups macaroni

Start some salted water boiling for the macaroni, and cook according to package directions.

Add the soymilk, All-season blend, and flour to a medium saucepan and whisk until smooth. Taste the mixture and add more All-season blend if desired. Add the Earth Balance, and gently heat, whisking frequently, until bubbling and thickened.

Drain the cooked pasta and mix it with the sauce. You can serve it now as shown above, or bake it, as I did, topped with a mixture of wholewheat breadcrumbs, Earth Balance, and Almonzano:

This was served with some braised seitan that I am still experimenting with, and a simple green salad.


  1. This sounds great for a quick fix...sometimes I'm not in the mood for all the heavier stuff that often gets thrown into vegan mac & cheeze recipes, like tahini, tomato paste etc...I may just have give this a go tonight!

    The whole plate looks delicious...I'm looking forward to hearing about he braised seitan experiment.

  2. The cheez sauce looks so beautifully smooth. I have yet to successfully make vegan mac & cheese.

  3. It looks phenom. I would totally try to make all this!