Saturday, July 24, 2010

Same again, please

This is for those critical readers of yesterday's post who were all "Cold noodle salad?  What noodles?  Lettuce, you say?  Where?"  Okay, critical readers, you have a point.

Plus I had some of the sauce leftover from yesterday (the original recipe from the book makes quite a bit more than you need), plus it was so good I think I'll just keep making it every night until it freezes.

I wasn't absolutely starving this time so I was able to do more than just pile everything on and dig in--time to blanch sweet potato and carrots, for instance.  There's also sweet red pepper, cucumber, nori, arugula, and pumpkin seeds (unfortunately I was out of fresh tofu).

Here's the sauce in its little plastic container.  I added some ground red pepper to spice it up some more since most of the jalapeno went into yesterday's salad and thought it had kind of a cool (hot) ruby glow:

Even just a big mess of salad is so gorgeous.


  1. This looks great--in particular, it looks like it'd make a great lunch. I want to get a bento box, and this looks like a good candidate lunch for one!

  2. Step back! "Blanch Sweet Potatoes?" What is that about?

  3. Hi, Shenandoah ;-) Well, say you want sweet potatoes in your salad, but they're kind of--you know--raw, in their raw state. Cut them up small, dunk into boiling water for a minute or two until just tender, then drain and rinse under cold water. Voila, delicious salad item!

    Stacy, I think this dish would be a good bento option, though from my experience with bento boxes (& leakage therefrom) I would tend to keep the dressing in a separate container until lunch time.

  4. Well I'll be! Never heard of sweet potatoes on a salad before!

  5. I had a version of this salad four times in two days, which admittedly, may have been too much. (no sweet potatoes, but shredded summer squash) But now I'm wishing for some more!