Monday, June 21, 2010

Beans, greens, cornbread, and cashew cheese

O cashew cheese, how I love you! You are delicious, you are healthy, you are the best! How I have missed you in these long weeks! Y'all can keep your Daiya and your FYI and your Cheezly and your Sheeze (I aver, never having tried any of these products), you are the erzatz cheese of my heart! Why, then, have we been apart for so long? Why, for the simple reason that you can't make proper cashew cheese using soy milk with a lot of additives (i.e., oatmeal and dates).

So I've changed my modus operandi, and now am making two kinds of soymilk in each batch--one plain, for cooking, and one with the additives, for lattes and tea. The plain flows through the filters in mere seconds so it really isn't that much more trouble.

But I did reach a tragic milestone this weekend, in that I finally gave in and composted some okara. But oh, it was worth it!

Above you see basic beans and greens, made with pea shoots, since I have a giant bag of them, and brown beans, since I have a freezer full of them, along with the Yankee cornbread from American Vegan Kitchen, slightly modified to make it savory instead of sweet (but I loved the nutmeg and it rose like a dream; I had to cut it in half horizontally to photograph it) and cooked in my toaster oven no less. Yummmmm!

I don't know why all my best meals happen on Mondays, but they certainly do seem to...


  1. This looks should try Daiya at some point, though. I think it has helped me tow the vegan line, as a greasy piece of cheese pizza is my weakness. Daiya makes it possible for me to scratch that itch in a way other fake cheeses do not.

  2. True, Stacy, I promise I will try Daiya once it becomes available in Edmonton, Canada, where I live, if at least to say I have done so! I've seen the ingredient list though so I am not totally convinced yet.