Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mmm, I was craving these all day. Homemade vegan (okara!) hot dogs, from here, via the freezer. (I did not, however, trust myself to make the buns.)

Served with a side of oven fries and the tangy, refreshing Midtown Greek Salad from American Vegan Kitchen.

Yes, it's summer!


  1. Those okara dogs look like taste bombs...I love to smother my dogs in mustard and relish too. Veggie dogs and salad...yeah, that sounds like summer to me.

  2. Rose, mustard and relish were always my favorites too, and it was nice to have a hot dog in the bun as well this time! I'm ashamed to admit I'm a little squeamish about prepared faux meats, so this was the first "real" hot dog I've had in, uh, many, many years.

  3. It's probably good instinct to be squeamish about faux meats in general...the texture and ingredients sometimes creep me out too.

  4. I agree that when it comes to faux dogs, homemade are best! ("Soy isolates" just doesn't have an appetizing ring to it.)