Sunday, May 2, 2010

Salisbury seitan with vegan crab cakes

Here's another dish from American Vegan Kitchen, the Salisbury-style seitan with mushrooms, which, if you have seitan on hand, comes together in just a few minutes. You can't actually see the seitan in this photograph, since it is buried under a delicious mushroom/onion gravy, so I've provided a picture of it below. You rub it with a herb mix and fry it lightly, remove it from the pan and make the gravy in the same pan, add the seitan back in to warm up, and voila.

Doesn't it look lovely on its own, right out of the frying pan? It was good, too, just like that!

Since I have unlimited quantities of it, I used my own Zoa's chicken-style okara seitan (for boiling) --with most of the broth it was stored in pressed out first; I just wrapped it in a few layers of paper towel and squeezed it out over the sink; it held up bravely under a lot of hard squeezing--but otherwise followed the recipe exactly; plus I used the savory seitan storage broth for the vegetable broth in the gravy, which was satisfyingly economical.

This was served over my okara pappardelle, which had been frozen in nests. I dropped a few of the nests in boiling water and they separated beautifully into individual strands (I had been a little concerned that it would clump together) and which cooked, from frozen, in about 40 seconds, mixed with a little Earth Balance, poppy seeds, and pepper.

The sides were a simple salad of finely sliced cucumbers and celery with shredded lettuce and a mild viniagrette, and the Crab cakes Claryn from Hell Yeah It's Vegan posted about during Veganmofo last year. The spice mix for the crab cakes is a work of genius, and the cakes were good, although I'm wondering now if the addition of a little chickpea flour would make them crispier. Next time! Claryn's post is worth checking out just for its closeup food porn value--


  1. Wow. Makes me glad my copy of American Vegan Kitchen showed up today!

  2. I should look into that book.