Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mustard mac slaw

Another recipe from American Vegan Kitchen, this salad wins The Airy Way's colour award for the month of April (or possibly any month).

It's a coleslaw with pasta, or pasta salad with cabbage and stuff, and I had made and eaten the whole thing before I realized it had no fat in it at all.

But since I didn't notice until I started posting about it, I guess it'll be all right just this once.

Here's the radioactive-looking sauce (which gets its colour from the mustard in the recipe's title), and it's actually very fiery:

Here's the adorable "gnocchi" pasta I used:

Here in a blaze of brilliance is the vegetable mix, with the pasta, but pre-sauce:

This was my whole supper tonight since I worked late and didn't have much time to cook, and it was really fast to put together. I need to eat more salad...


  1. That pasta looks so cute :)
    I haven't had pasta with raw cabbage before,but my mom makes this dish where she caramelizes cabbage on sugar, and then mix it with pasta. it's a yummy meal!

  2. Those colours are fabulous! I want that book now, thanks, another one for the endless list, lol ;)

  3. It really is a colorful salad. But no fat? Is that really American?

  4. Hi, littlemissminny! I've made that dish too--though without the sugar, which is interesting--and absolutely love it.

    Andrea, there really was an awful lot of sugar in the dressing, though I didn't mention it in my post, so even without fat, yes, I would classify this as definitely "American" (coming from a country with no national cuisine to speak of and my experience of the US more or less limited to a family trip to Disneyland when I was twelve, I am naturally an authority ;-). Recipes like Fried avocado wedges and Beer-battered onion rings, also from the book, would compliment this salad well...