Monday, April 26, 2010


My copy of American Vegan Kitchen has finally arrived! It had been held up by another item on backorder for a few weeks, but whatever, I have it now.

I order a lot of books, and lately have begun having them delivered to my work, as being more convenient since I only have to go up to reception to get them instead of across half the continent to the local post office. Anyway, the point is that I had it on the bus with me on the way home today, and, the Amazon preview is not doing this book justice. I read it until I felt faint and had to put it away. Tami, I want to be in your diner, now.

I had to pick one thing to make tonight, it being a work night and all, so I picked handitos. Handitos is supposed to be a wrap, but I had it deconstructed for reasons that will become clearer as you read on. To make them, first you toss chopped seitan in a secret blend of spices, and fry it up:

Then you fry some vegetables and crumbled Vegan Sausage Links (also from the book, but I haven't made them yet; this is coming up very soon in my okara seitan series, though: for now I used existing seitan because it's everywhere):

My jalapeno wasn't very hot, though, so I screwed my courage to the sticking place and used one of these:
Whoa. Anyway, the reason this dish isn't a wrap is because of my flatbread. I've had some pita dough in the fridge for a while. Bryanna says you can use it for up to two weeks, and since I copy everything Bryanna does and trust her, apparently literally, with my life, I've been keeping it around, and she is, once again, so right. Dough just continues to improve and improve in the fridge. It gets sour. It gets a little slimy, but cook it up and you won't be sorry. Who could resist this:

The thing was the way I cooked it, a Madhur Jaffrey tip, where you roll out a flatbread, cook it on an ungreased medium-hot cast iron skillet for a minute or so, then dab water over the top (uncooked) side and put the whole skillet under the broiler for another minute, remove it, brush the top with Earth Balance...sigh...anyway, I got a very crispy, utterly wonderful product, that wasn't going to roll around anything whatever, but did I care? Rhetorical question: I did not. We adapt to deliciousness here at the Airy Way, so I chopped it into quarters. Anyway, unless you're a genius photographer, wraps are hard to make pretty, but a big mess of awesomeness isn't hard to sell ;-)


  1. I want to get that cookbook! I have too many, but still....

  2. Zoa, I'm in awe of your flatbread. Love that you went for the heat, too!

    Thanks for your super kind words on the Amazon preview. I keep hoping more people will review and that the reviews will give people a real idea of what to expect.

    I always look forward to seeing what you make. Oh, and stop in for a meal any time you're in Ohio.

  3. Stacy, this cookbook really does look excellent. Apart from the recipes themselves, there are various tips and techniques and extras (for instance the technique for cooking the All-American Incrediburgers that you can find on Tami's site).

    Tami, I'm really looking forward to getting into it, and after I've tried some more of the recipes will certainly post a review. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, too!

  4. Zoa, that would be awesome!

    I really enjoy your blog.. and following the okara adventures.