Thursday, April 8, 2010

Avocado tacos

Can you believe I found this recipe in a recipe book? Of course it was The Vegetarian Epicure, Book 2. Of course I've been fantasizing about it on and off ever since I made the bean and potato tacos on the opposite page.

And tonight I had all the ingredients. Those tiny green speckles you see dotting the top of the taco filling are chives from my garden!

I didn't follow the recipe completely. The recipe calls for corn tortillas that you roll up around the avocado filling and then fry. I made whole wheat tortillas instead, and put most of the toppings inside. What you see is a mild guacamole (avocado, lemon juice, salt, green onions, and a little garlic), with tofu sour cream and grated cashew cheese, sprinkled with chipotle pepper and chives, and served with refried beans and salsa on the side. Most of these items were already made up, so the whole meal took about 15 minutes to put together. So good...


  1. This is my kind of meal! Love that you made real tortillas, too!

  2. Looks great! What recipe do you use for the cashew cheese?

  3. Hi, Tami and Rose!

    Tami, I always make my own (wheat, not corn) tortillas. They take minutes and they're easy and I like them better than the bought ones. One reason you see so much flatbread on this blog is that sometimes I'm just too lazy to make yeasted bread...

    Rose, I'm still using my favorite cashew cheese recipe based on one from the Real Food Daily Cookbook. You can find the recipe and process here:

  4. This looks so good. I love homemade wheat tortillas, and really should make them more often. We finally have the RFD cookbook so I've got to look up that cheese recipe.

  5. Wow, they look so good! I love all the avo and your home-grown chives. And cashew cheese that's able to be grated - I think I need that book!