Saturday, March 27, 2010

The things you find under the snow

In the last few years, my garden has mostly just been "happening." I keep it weeded, thin things out a little, maybe move a few plants around, but mostly I leave it alone.

We're still largely under snow here, and have had several small snowstorms in the last week or so, but in between Spring is coming!

Here's proof. Remember, my friends, the ground is still frozen quite solid...



Lion's bane...

The rock garden! Most of this stuff never really dies back in the fall. (You have to click on this one to see its full splendour.)

My first really cute insect of the year:

Moss in a soggy planter:

Sigh...some of that red daisy stuff with leaves that look like feathers (this is a young leaf):

Like so many northern people, I have been dying for colour. Our world is still dusty gray brown from a foot away. This is colour you don't see until you're out specifically looking for it--and then it almost makes you cry.

1 comment:

  1. What gorgeous photos Zoa.

    Your garden sounds like a well-established, well-managed natural garden!

    I admire the brave crocuses and the dear little lady bird. The seedums are lovely close up.

    Happy Spring!