Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teriyaki stir fry with seitan and nori

Here's the somewhat sinister-looking stir fry I had for supper last night.

The ingredients are chipped chicken-style seitan, fried separately in a little canola oil, then shredded sweet potatoes and sweet red peppers, green onions, and baby boks stir-fried together and tossed with homemade teryaki sauce, over soba noodles, topped with a little shredded nori and a little more teryaki drizzled on top. Yes, I am eating in colour again ;-)

On a product-related note, have any of you tried the new Silk Plus Omega-3 DHA Fortified Soy Beverage? I bought some in a moment of absent-mindedness, thinking it was regular Silk after briefly focusing on the usual "new packaging, same great taste" tag somewhere on the box. Normally I don't buy food that claims to be medicine or medicine-like because (a) I'm sceptical about package advertising; and (b) the fortifying items can make the product taste odd.

The "vegetable-source" DHA in this Silk drink is algal oil, apparently (from algae), and this soy milk tastes like fish, especially when heated. Honestly, my palate isn't that sensitive, but I thought when I first tried it in a latte that I had dropped a chunk of cat food in there by mistake, it's that bad. Went back and read the packaging, realized what I had bought...researched I've tried it in both coffee and tea, and it's undrinkable. I'm going to have to find some other use for it or just toss the rest. Two thumbs down, Silk. Or is it just me?


  1. I was enjoying reading this post until I got to the part about Silk, and a fishy smoothie flashed in my brain. I haven't tried this and won't, having read your description. I'm especially skeptical of Silk after they pulled a fast one by quietly selling non-organic soymilk in the same packaging as the organic used to be.

  2. The stir fry looks so colorful and good.

    I'm not a fan of Silk either...I like to get Omega-3's from walnuts...not fishy. :)

  3. Vegan Dad had a posting about how SIlk is owned by evil dairy milk conglomerate Dean Foods.

    I haven't done my own research, but it gave me pause. Hearing about this reinforces it!

  4. I'd read Vegan Dad's post before, with uneasy sympathy; it was a good post and, for me, unforgettable. However, call me undiscriminating, yea, even unenlightened and boorish (and at times that would be fair), but all I want is a soymilk that tastes good. I am so on the cusp of buying the new SoyQuick maker so I can experiment with making my own milks with more freedom than the little filter cup in my old-style SoyQuick allows. My current favorite commercial milks are the President's Choice and Safeway store brands. So Nice tastes like perfume, So Good has a powerful, funny flavour, the regular Silk is usually okay, but about a fifth of the time the commercial soymilk I buy--whatever brand--is all separated and disgusting right out of the box, which I attribute without any knowledge of the facts to it being inadvertently frozen in transit or in the store. It just kills me to buy processed food anyway and really I just ought to be able to liberate myself from lattes altogether, but damn, I can't!

  5. Hey, I don't judge! Between eating vegan, eating healthy, eating food that's in season, eating organically, eating things that don't come in a ton of starts to feel like you're crossing everything off the list. I don't know if they sell Natura brand there, but it's pretty decent.

  6. Sinister? I think it looks like a fiesta!

  7. (a) The stir fry looks awesome; I've got some chik'n style seitan just begging to be used in it.

    (b) The soy milk thing is very sticky. Amy is addicted to soy creamer in her coffee--and the only game in town is Silk. Guh! For regular soy milk, though, Organic Valley is just as good (not sure if it's available there), in my opinion.

    We just got a soymilk maker (the new SoyQuick, on your recommendation), but haven't had a chance to fire it up yet. Have you ever done a creamer with yours? Anything we should know before taking it on its maiden voyage?

  8. Hi, Mark:

    I just ordered the new SoyQuick as well! Figured I had best put my money where my mouth is...but I haven't received it yet. I've never done a creamer, but am *determined* to come up with a product as good as or better than the commercial milks I am now buying. So...we will learn together. The first recipe I am going to try is the one Julie Hasson demonstrates on the SoyQuick website, at, but you have already seen that, I would imagine. I don't believe Organic Valley, or Natura, is available around here. I made soymilk today in my "old-style" maker, and it's good, I would drink it, but for my tastes it's not rich enough for coffee...with your 930 you should be able to make a soy creamer...anyway, I'm following your blog to see the results, and promise I will post my results on mine.