Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scrambled tofu with spicy tomatoes, Punjabi-style kale, and more

This was one of those perfect meals that come together serendipitously from next to nothing.

Yes, I've been crabby lately. No, I haven't been exercising. Yes (Mom, I know) the two are related. So between downloading variations on white, pink and brown noise for my iPod to drown out screaming babies/inane conversations/general irritations on the bus, and griping about soy milk that isn't up to my standards of perfection, I made this meal.

What is it?
Well, most of it is from Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking. What you see here is her Mustard greens or broccoli rabe (or in this case, kale), cooked in the Punjabi style, which means basically pureed with fried cornmeal and hot spices; and Scrambled eggs with spicy tomatoes (read: scrambled tofu); and dosas, whose batter has been happily fermenting away since yesterday.

How I love dosas! Back in August/September of last year I was experimenting with the difference between dosas made with rice and urad dal, and dosas made with rice flour and urad flour. I've done several tests between then and now and they really are much tastier--and frankly, not so much extra work--made from the rice and beans directly, rather than the flours. That said, I'm using up the rest of my flours, and these dosas were pretty good.

This was a fiery meal, despite its tame-looking appearance, and the Punjabi-style kale was really, really good, despite the fact that to me pureeing greens seems basically wrong. Call it an irresistible sin, then...

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