Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden cleanup, phase 1

In the last three or four days, it seems, we suddenly have seagulls, cumulus clouds, thunderstorms, robins, and one ant. Is it spring yet? Well, it is snowing right now, but nevertheless, I believe it may be!

Before it started snowing, there was quite a bit of sun, and it was windy and dusty but warm enough to do a little work outside, namely garden cleanup.

I don't do much in the fall except top dress with compost, so when the snow melts things can look pretty dire. I had done some thinning out at the end of last summer, though, so it wasn't too bad; nevertheless, today I went out and tidied up, not digging, just chopping and removing last year's dead foliage and raking a bit. Above is the pre-image; below is the post. Where did all the dead plant material go? Into the composters (they're way in the back right hand corner)!

I can hardly believe that it will ever get from that to this:

Welcome, Spring! You can't come too soon for me!

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