Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fassoulia yakhni (Cypriot lima bean stew)

This is a neat little stew, based on a recipe in Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian. What you do (in my version) is boil chopped potatoes, carrot, and red pepper until the potatoes are tender, and when nearly done add cooked or frozen lima beans.

But meanwhile, you fry an onion, some garlic, and whole red chile in lots of olive oil, and when the onion is browned add some chopped tomato and a little tomato paste. I followed the recipe, sort of, but this is the sort of dish it's easy to improvise.

Pour the fried sauce into the stew like an Indian tarka (the Cypriot version is apparently called tiganissi), taste for salt, and serve. Nice! The stew has a fresh bright colour, as you can see.

I had it with Sindhi flatbreads with black pepper, which are chappati with coarsely ground pepper added. They were good, the meal was great!

You all must be wondering by now if I ever cook something I don't like. Now and then it happens, but not tonight ;-)

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