Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bean and potato tacos

This meal is kind of a mess, but man, was it delicious! It was based on the Bean and potato tacos from Anna Thomas's Vegetarian Epicure: Book 2.

Apparently there has not been enough potato love in this house lately, because I'm still craving them.

What I made: refried beans, fried potatoes and onions; whole wheat tortillas.

What I had on hand: salsa, tofu sour cream, savoy cabbage, cashew cheese, green onions.

The result: paradise. There is a lot to be said for the kind of meal where you just pile everything on. In Helping 2 I added sriracha sauce and it was even more awesome.

Plus, today only, you get a free bonus beauty shot of my cat Isabeau sleeping on her window ledge in the sun this afternoon. Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Feel free to download it and use it as your desktop background...oh, pardon, what was that? You have? Your cat? Oh, very well...


  1. i just discovered your blog and i've got to say, those tacos look delicious! i love potatoes in any form and i can't believe that i've never had them inside of a taco. this must be remedied soon.

  2. Those tacos look delicious...I love piles of yumminess. Isabeau (love the play on words) is indeed adorabeau.

  3. Sorry, JTee is mee...I didn't realize that my husband was logged into Goggle on this it got posted as him instead of me.

  4. Thanks, ontenterhooks! I love potatoes in any form too, but can you beat the starch x starch of pierogies, aloo parathas, tacos with potatoes? I think not!

    Rose, my kitty *is* totally adorabeau! Her name really is Isabeau, after the Michelle Pfeiffer character in the movie Ladyhawke, because when she first came to live with me she had been so traumatized in her previous life it was as if she were under a bad spell (but beautiful all the same)...that was twelve years ago though and as you see she has fully recovered ;-)

  5. Yum, tacos are supposed to be messy and those look incredibly good.