Monday, February 22, 2010

Northern-style boiled dumplings with braised Chinese seitan and Harvest Moon stirfry

This is a real Bryanna-fest, inspired by her post about her Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. And serendipitously, she has a new post up on her blog about making dumplings with a dumpling press, which, alas, I don't have. As you can see, I was seriously inspired, though most of this stuff was not hard at all to make. Plus I have, since her post, made (again) the Mapo doufu, again from from her Authentic Chinese Cuisine, which all got eaten before I could post it. Er, and the gorgeous, jewel-like Pineapple sweet and sour, which I cooked for a bunch of omnis at my mom's birthday party yesterday, and they happily ate it all up!

Recipes? Seriously, my friends, buy the book. There's not a single recipe in it that isn't sublime.

One thing I will say is that the dumpling recipe makes a lot of dumplings. My energy ran out after about 30 and I'll probably have to freeze most of the rest of the filling and the dough. Unless you're cooking with a crowd, you should consider halving it. Why didn't I? Just greedy perhaps…


  1. Yum, that all sounds great. Bryanna is amazing!

  2. That's one Bryanna book that I don't have. I'll have to pick it up. Your food looks incredible!

  3. Looks fantastic! Looked even better when you served it to me on Sunday. I really would like the stir fry recipe, though....thanks.