Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mashed potatoes and rutabagas

This is something I have never tried before. But why not? It's so good! I recently came into possession of two large-ish rutabagas, and rather than just chuck them into stews—delicious as that is—I want to try some new (at least to me) ways of cooking them.

There are numerous recipes all over the Internet for this dish, but what I ended up doing was really simple. I took half a rutabaga and chopped it up and boiled it in a little salted water for ten minutes, then added four medium sized peeled, chopped potatoes (roughly twice the volume of the half-rutabaga) and half a chopped white onion and continued to cook all this until everything was tender. Then I ran it all through the potato ricer, added a few tablespoons of Earth Balance, and that's it. The rutabagas kind of meld into the potatoes without, as you might expect, overpowering them flavour-wise, and add a delicious smooth, sweet, buttery taste.

In the same water as I had boiled these, I then cooked a few of the surprisingly excellent green beans I found in the grocery store this morning (Sunday morning, at Superstore? I felt like I had slipped into some kind of alternate heavenly dimension of Superstore that ordinary mortals never see), and then saved the fragrant cooking water for stock—actually, it pretty much was stock by then.

So these are served with a big thick slice of baked butternut squash on beet-merlot reduction (from the freezer), and some meatballs made from Bryanna Clark Grogan's recipe for Hot Italian Seitan Sausage from Nonna's Italian Kitchen. The dollop of white on the butternut squash is some of the tofu yogurt left over from yesterday. It had had a chance to chill and was really fresh and rich and creamy. Not yogurt, but definitely yogurt-y, and it certainly didn't taste like tofu. I'm not sure how you managed that, Bryanna, but it's genius, and excellent with the meatballs especially.


  1. Awesome! I love learning how to use different vegetables I'm not used to cooking with. Have you ever put turnips in with the potatoes when making mashed potatoes? They have a similar effect; it makes the potatoes extra creamy. Also, Bryanna is a genius.

  2. Hi, Claryn:

    For some reason I've always been a mashed potato purist. But now a whole new mashed vegetable world has opened up for me to explore!