Monday, February 8, 2010

Curried yellow split-pea soup with squash and raisins

Courtesy of Lorna Sass and her Complete Vegetarian Kitchen. I made the red lentil variation, and spiced it up a bit with red pepper flakes and a little lemon juice. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the recipe online to share, but it is basically onions, butternut squash, red lentils, and raisins cooked with mild Indian spices. The raisins are really a nice touch. You add them right at the beginning with the water so by the end of the cooking time they're just soft pillows of sweetness.

This is one of those cookbooks I photocopied most of in the library, years ago, when it was called Notes from an Ecological Kitchen. Now I've finally purchased it, and am looking forward to trying the recipes on the pages I didn't have before. Lorna Sass, if you're not already aware of this, is a pressure cooker authority (she states in her introduction that "Almost all of the recipes in this book…can be prepared in a pressure cooker or a wok, two cooking methods that offer optimum time and fuel efficiency") whose wisdom in this regard I can only partially profit from since my pressure cooker is a big old jiggle top—too big for my usual daily needs. I hear they have these little stationary regulator pressure cookers available now, though…

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  1. The soup sounds great...I bet it's wonderful with lemon juice and the chili pepper.