Friday, January 15, 2010

Taco fusion

This is basically the Sensitive New Age Sloppy Joes from Rebar, only I left out all the sweet and sour stuff, changed the pinto beans to blackeyed peas, and adjusted the spices slightly.

What you do is sweat half an onion in your pan, add some crumbled tofu, chopped red and jalapeno peppers, garlic, cumin, allspice, and chipotle pepper, and stir fry on medium heat for a few minutes, then add a little tomato paste mixed up with a few tablespoons of water, some salt, pepper, chopped fresh tomatoes, and coriander, and oh my! Experiment with this type of dry-ish tofu-bean mixture for yourself: it is pure heaven.

This was served in chapatti, which I ended up having to fold in half over the filling like tacos, along with some shredded fresh vegetables and a neat little sauce from The Artful Vegan, which is just horseradish, tofu, miso, and lemon juice. I didn't much like it with the dish it was presented with there, but in this it was utterly sublime. Though messy.

Also on display is a new experiment in cashew cheese, the Brie from Joanne Stepaniuk's Uncheese Cookbook. What's different about it (at least for me)? The inclusion of tofu, and much less agar than she normally uses. It's delicate and not quite but almost a dip. I love it! I've had it for my lunch in sandwiches for the last two days and over the weekend plan to try it as grilled cheese.

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