Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seitan stroganoff

You can probably detect a certain seitanic theme in recent posts—this is partly because I've just made another big batch of chicken-style seitan and am experimenting with different ways to cook with it, and partly because it's just so darn good. This is a seitan stroganoff I made based on some mushroom gravy left over from a meal at my parents', and with one eye also on Robin Robertson's Wheat-meat stroganoff recipe from Vegan Planet. So…mushroom gravy, with a little additional water mixed with tomato paste, paprika, and some tofu sour cream (whipped up from Vegan Planet's recipe), all proportions to taste, over browned chipped seitan and stir-fried onions and green peppers, all served over wide noodles mixed with a little Earth Balance and poppyseeds.

Tasty, easy, and satisfying. There's just something so right about transforming leftovers into something great that is at the same time utterly different from their previous incarnations!

1 comment:

  1. That does look really satisfying. The gravy sounds like an especially tasty combination, and I love the addition of poppy seeds.