Monday, January 4, 2010

Pot pie parade

Happy New Year, everyone! New Year's is probably my favourite holiday. By general agreement, no one in our family goes out on New Year's Eve; we all hit the sheets early, and if that doesn't sound like much fun, you have to be at our respective houses on the morning of January 1, and see us bounding about all sprightly in an otherwise already weary, hungover world. I have several personal New Year's traditions and am a great lover of fresh starts and resolutions.

This year, I celebrated by making myself some very fancy dishes…which I didn't like much, perhaps because I unaccountably lost my appetite for a few days and was just Eating to Live, which was just so pathetic I can't even describe it.

So I was thrown back on comfort food, in which pot pies played (and are still playing) a starring role. Here's the Almost All-American Pot Pie from the Veganomicon, which was really yummy. I used some seitan, but topped it up with reconstituted crumbs from the bottom of a couple of packets of Soy Curls, which was a good use for those crumbs and worked well in the pie (though I did have to add quite a lot of extra white wine, not a bad thing).

Then yesterday my mom and I both took over some shepherd's pie to Grandma Lulu's (mine vegan, hers not) and had supper there with her.

My pie recipe was a combination of the recipes from Vegan Planet and Veganomicon, with the addition of some cooked lentils from the freezer.

And, perhaps finally, tonight I thawed out some leftover corn and white bean stew, mixed it with the seitan pot pie leftovers, topped it with leftover Veganomicon pastry dough, and made another pie--not shown, for shame, though this pastiche of leftovers was the best of all...

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  1. You had me at "pot pie" -- seriously it's all looking super yummy right now as I've been in a food slump too! I did pick up a bit after watching Ellen's chef doing a "chicken" pot pie recipe so when I clicked here I was happy to see you're (concidentally)in the pot pie mood too! And I'm with you on staying in on New Year's eve as well and feeling fresh and lively in the a.m.!