Friday, January 15, 2010

Mushroom-caramelized onion rolls with carrot-beet salad and red wine reduction

I considered for a while before posting this, but I'm going to refer to it in my post about tonight's much more wonderful meal [which, my luck, appears below this crabby post], so here is (drumroll, please):

The Morel-caramelized onion rolls with truffled beet salad and Pinot Noir reduction from The Artful Vegan...except I used...

yuba for the phyllo dough
no truffles
a mixture of shiitake and oyster mushrooms for the morels
home brew (Shiraz) for the Pinot Noir

...and I'm ashamed to say this little snack took nearly two hours to put together. Was it worth it? My friends, no. It was okay. But by the time the mushrooms were done, the potatoes had cooled into lumps, and the beet-wine reduction, though tasty, looks gross in the photograph and would have looked even grosser on phyllo dough. Maybe if I had swirled it artfully into the horseradish sauce or something. Well, bah! At least I wasn't crazy enough to buy truffle oil for this.


  1. how long was the total prep n cook time on this one?

  2. Like so many (though I admit, not all) Millennium recipes, it was just way longer than seems right for what you wind up with in the end. In this case the whole thing from start to finish took two hours or so, dozens of ingredients, a hundred or so pots, and my kitchen was a disaster by the time I was done. Every so often, though, one of these recipes is hiding some brilliant tip or technique that I at least don't seem to be able to catch on to until I actually cook though I complain, I persevere...

  3. I think your attempts cooking from this book are fabulous. I am impressed. I have both books and have yet to cook from either. so I salute you. PS I am not a vegan, but majority of my main meals tend to be. I am really enjoying what I have seen on your blog, plus you've intro'd me to some new vegan cookbooks. Thanks.