Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caramelized tofu with carrot confetti and slivered almonds

Here's a more colourful variation on yesterday's meal—it's the same caramelized tofu, but cut into tiny cubes and cooked with finely diced carrots. Instead of pecans, I tossed in a handful of slivered almonds. Some of the orange from the carrots appears to have got onto the tofu, turning it mango-bright, which pleased me.

The sauce is another Heidi Swanson offering, from her almond soba noodles recipe. It's just a mixture of almond butter, red curry paste, lemon juice, and water, and it was tasty, though it did instantly congeal on the cooked pasta in a way that's quite delightful if you're eating by yourself, as I was, and have a weakness for pasta that gets all clumped together, as I do, but in my opinion this is not a company dish. While the soba noodles cooked, I set the tofu/carrot/almond mixture aside and stir fried first some slivered red cabbage, and then baby bok choy mixed with green onions.

A nice, relatively fast two-pot supper…

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  1. I agree, the color on the tofu looks very's all very colorful and delicious looking.

    I love soba noodles...thanks for reminding me...I must make some soon.