Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baked sweet potatoes with leftover leftovers

I guess this is going to turn into a series about using leftovers despite my best intentions, because my fridge is full of them. Today's work of genius was inspired by this wonderful post on Andrea's blog, though I didn't actually use her recipe but rather looked at the picture, read her excellent post, and then scrabbled through the fridge for ingredients I could use to come up with something similar, while using up some things that really needed to be used, it's the old story all over again but like all those trusty old eternal plots, it never really loses its magic.

Specifically, my sweet potatoes were a little past their prime, not really bake-worthy as wholes, so I peeled them and cut them into large pieces, microwaved the lot for six minutes, then coated the pieces in canola oil, wrapped them in foil, and baked them for another ten minutes or so in the toaster oven so they would caramelize a little and develop that rich, baked-for-an-hour flavour. And they did!

Then I had some bean salad that my mom had made the other day and whose leftovers I was heir to. So I fried some red onion with an end of seitan sausage, added half a sweet red pepper and one very hot jalapeno pepper, garlic, salsa, some tomato paste, a little water, a little red wine, some salt and pepper and cilantro, ooh! All from the fridge! Many containers, goodbye! And then the beans…

Meanwhile, I smashed up a small avocado with some Veganaise…

Here are the beans spooned over the hot pieces of sweet potato with some avocado Veganaise on the side, all sprinkled with cashew cheese and sliced green onions. And yes, it was super! And yes, there are...leftovers.


  1. Thanks for the link! I know what you mean about using up all those leftovers - it feels so liberating to wash all the empty containers. This recipe looks like a great way to use our leftover BBQ beans, aging avocado and sweet potatoes.

  2. That looks really delicious and colorful.