Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seitan reuben

For this, I used the recipe from Robin Robertson's Vegan Planet, but I must say that this sandwich could taste like anything depending on what you use for (1) seitan; (2) cheese; and (3) bread.

There's a little sauce, which is 2 tbsp Veganaise + 1 tbsp sweet relish. The recipe also called for mixing some ketchup in, but (1) I don't have any ketchup and anyway I don't like it; and (2) holy God, the thing tasted so fantastic with just the Veganaise and sweet relish I didn't want to wreck it by adding anything else.

For seitan I used some thin-cut slices of the "chicken" type seitan I raved about a while back, and for cheese some homemade cashew cheese which I believe is more or less the "gooda" cheese from the Uncheese Cookbook without the nutritional yeast. I really like nutritional yeast—it's my favourite topping for popcorn, for instance—but it does something uncomfortable to cashew cheese, in my opinion. That said, my cashew cheese had a pretty good texture but was very bland—in fact, it tasted a lot like what may still be called "farmer's" or "jack" cheese, so basically a little more like nothing than raw tofu.

The really big deal was that I got to use my new panini press, which was a birthday present from back in September, but since Japanese cooking doesn't involve paninis, I wasn't really in a position to play with it until now. I love the way the press cooks sandwiches, but there has to be a way to make great vegan paninis without nearly everything in them imitating some kind of animal product. I will be giving some thought to this in the next little while, but if anyone reading this has any ideas, please pass them along!


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  2. Katee, thanks for your comment! In fact there was sauerkraut in this sandwich, pretty much the only originally vegan ingredient. You are the second person who made this remark to me today, so I should clarify that I did use a whole handful of drained kraut goodness, and clumsily didn't mention it.