Monday, November 23, 2009

Reviving gyozas

A word to the wise: gyozas don't last forever in the freezer. They look fine, but the pleated part at the top dries out, and this weekend I couldn't get them properly rehydrated in the frying pan (they were all right and my guests enjoyed them anyway, but still, we strive for constant perfection here at the Airy Way so I was disappointed; luckily they were the same guests who had tried them the first time;-).

So today, since there are still significant numbers of gyozas in the freezer, I tried just steaming them on top of a little cabbage in a bamboo steamer. Joy! They were wonderful.

In fact, as delicious as they are fried and then steamed, I like them better this way, just steamed. They were frozen when I put them in and the steaming took about 20 minutes.

These are also a fantastic way to use seitan. Catching up another old thread, I made another batch of my favorite "chicken" type seitan from The Real Food Daily Cookbook over the weekend, and this time tried baking two of the rounds. The steamed ones were as good as the first batch, but the baked ones were decidedly bread-y (they even "rose"), which I very much dislike in seitan, so I cooled those two rolls and ground them into crumbles in the food processor. And put the crumbles in the freezer, of course. But look for them in starring roles in future posts....

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