Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I learned about this dish from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (but by some anomaly it doesn't appear in the index so you have to search through the "egg" section for it). Deborah Madison says she seeks this dish out every time she is in Texas, but I say: why wait? No doubt there is some authentic ingredient only Texas can supply, but I've been to Texas…oh…never, and am not likely ever to go, so I'll make do with what's available.

Basically, this is scrambled tofu with crumbled tortilla chips added. The tortilla chips incorporate themselves into the mix in a way that is quite amazing (and amazingly delicious!). They add substance, but in the final thing you wouldn't know they were even there. Just about everything else is variable. I usually start with a vegetable stirfry, then add fresh or firm tofu (or a mixture). Ingredients for the vegetable stir fry could be any or all of:

green, red, or yellow peppers
jalapeno peppers
savoy cabbage
diced cooked potatoes

You get the idea. Cook a mixture of these things over medium heat until they're starting to tenderize, then add crumbled tofu and some kind of tomato mixture (I used some diced canned tomatoes). You want the pan to have some liquid before you add the tortilla chips. I like this hot, so I also would add some red pepper flakes, a little sea salt, some black pepper.

When everything is heated through, add the crumbled tortilla chips and mix in well.

You don't need to mix for long before they've absorbed most of the available liquid. Then you can stir in or sprinkle on your toppings, which could be such things as:

chipotle chile powder
grated vegan cheese
sliced green onions
more jalapenos

How good this is! And how quick and easy!

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