Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chili sin carne with sweet corn salsa and chapati

This is the chili sin carne from Vegan with a Vengeance, my absolute favorite chili recipe, which I must have made, by now, literally dozens of times, and, what's more, it freezes beautifully (this was from the freezer). Served with the sweet corn salsa from Rebar (plus some chopped avocado) and simple chapati...perfect, perfect meal.


  1. Looks good! I've always wondered about this chili recipe - does the "chile powder" in the ingredients mean powdered chiles (like cayenne), or does she really mean "chili powder", which is a blend of spices often used for chili? What are you using successfully here?

  2. Lisa, I had to come home and have another look at the recipe, but I read the chile as the spice powder--indeed, it is by no means obvious and many recipes are similarly ambiguous, but 2 tbsp of the hot stuff would be pretty hot, even though the recipe makes quite a bit of chile. Me, I use the spice mix, but I add extra hot peppers because I like them ;-)

  3. Thanks Zoa! As long as I know one way that works, I'll try it that way. Indeed I figured that 2 tbsp of true chile powder would be too much, but thought I'd double check since the mixture is usually spelled as "chili powder". I'm a little dubious about the cocoa, but am searching for my favorite chili recipe, so maybe this will end up hitting the spot. I might add some hot peppers too. :-)