Sunday, November 22, 2009

Braised cabbage with vegetable confetti and bulgar

Tonight I started cooking not quite knowing what I was going to make, just going through the fridge and picking out ingredients, one of which was a small beet. Beets tend to bleed all over stir fries, turning everything pink or purple, so I diced it into little cubes and stir fried it separately. Encouraged by the results, I did the same with a mixture of sweet potato and carrot, and set all that aside while I steamed whole wheat bulgar and cooked shredded cabbage with a little shredded sweet red pepper, one not-very-hot jalapeno pepper, and some shallots and garlic and azuki beans.

I was sort of following a recipe for this part, and the recipe called for adding a little stock or water and covering for a few minutes. This made the cabbage tender, but would have worked better as a technique on green or savoy cabbage alone--the purple cabbage was bleached in the wash and would have been prettier in a straight stir fry.

At any rate, the cabbage mixture was seasoned with the juice of half a lemon and half a lime and the zest from both, sea salt, and a little hot pepper syrup, mixed with the bulgar, and topped with the diced vegetables and some chopped avocado. I liked the beet-as-condiment thing especially, and the slow stir frying really brings out its flavour. Well, it's an idea in process, and I'll be experimenting with it some more in the near future…

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