Monday, November 9, 2009

Botanical balls with chili chocolate mole and confetti coleslaw

I came home from work craving salad, and more specifically coleslaw. This substantial and delicious slaw was made with shredded white and red cabbage, julienned carrots and beets, a few chopped green onions, cilantro, and leftover sweet ginger lime dressing, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Some of this meal, like the Rebar botanical burgers (now balls) I've blogged before. These were from the freezer. Near the end of their baking period, I added a few pieces of broccoli tossed with olive oil and some of Mark's Chick'n almond bake from the other night. Even the flatbread was some whole wheat bread dough I had made over the weekend that didn't rise properly, I'm not sure why, so rather than risk loaf failure I just stored it as dough in a container, and tonight mixed some of it up with some chopped green onion, rolled it out and fried it. Oh, and the sauce for the botanical balls is the chili chocolate mole from Veganomicon, which I put together on Sunday and which you'll be hearing more about later.

So this was kind of a Frankenstein-type meal which came together in a few minutes out of stuff I had here and there, but it was still so so good, and felt very fancy indeed for a Monday night!

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