Friday, November 6, 2009

Black beans with chipotle adobo sauce and Mexican millet

Well, this was a weeknight fiesta! Little did I imagine, when I arrived home from work determined to make at least a little dent in the overstuffed contents of my fridge and freezer, that it would result in such a feast.

This meal is brought to you mainly courtesy of the Veganomicon, so thank you, Isa and Terry, for a wonderful—and for me, fridge- and freezer-wise, heaven sent—supper!

This is the black beans in chipotle adobo sauce with Mexican millet, plus I made up the leftover chapati dough from the other night and used the rest of the sweet corn salsa.

Mia dia!

The recipes from the Veganomicon can be found, verbatim, on Google Books. I did little to nothing to them to make them my own. They were very yummy!

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  1. The food looks fabulous and packed with flavor.