Monday, October 19, 2009

Cooking from ingredient lists

Do you ever do this? I live alone and like to cook every day, and so recipes that serve six don't really work for me unless portions can be frozen for some future date when I might happen to be too depressed to cook (though, since for me depression means lack of appetite, I am careful about storage of completed dishes in the precious space that is my deep freezer).

Sometimes I just do it, take some recipe that I know I can't cook completely, for instance because it is geared totally toward meat or fish and I am using tofu, and just invent something using all the ingredients but in splashes and dashes rather than quarter cups and half teaspoonfuls.

Today was such a day. I had a few leftover sauces that needed using up, lots of fresh vegetables, and in particular some king oyster mushrooms that I could not resist at the T&T Store when I was buying sushi stuff. So tonight's meal is brought to you, sort of, via JustHungry's Drunken Tangy Chicken Wings, and the The Artful Vegan's Miso Broiled Japanese Eggplant over Noodle Cakes, but neither Maki nor the Millennium Restaurant can take responsibility for today's dishes, since I just winged all of them based on ingredient lists. Hint: you say chicken, I think Soy Curls.

This is one mushroom, sliced and brushed with a mixture of sesame oil and tamari. Is it not gorgeous?
Otherwise, the Millennium recipe is online here, and the JustHungry chicken thing is here. I could not at this moment tell you exactly what I did but the result was really tasty ;-)