Friday, September 25, 2009

VeganMoFo 2009 – Personal Challenge – Japan

My blog is new, but I've been vegan for a long time. I'm comfortable with veganism, and good at it. As Vegan Man once wrote so eloquently, "this Integrated Veganosity has blurred the line between 'Vegan Man' and just plain old 'Man.'" This is the first VeganMoFo that I've participated in, and I've decided to make it a personal challenge. The idea behind VeganMoFo is to try to post about vegan food/veganism/related topics as near to every day as possible for a whole month. As an enthusiastic beginning blogger, I've basically been doing that for the last three months already, but for the month of October, I will be cooking, eating, and blogging only Japanese-type vegan food.

What I know about Japanese food right now is:

(Image lifted from, but I own the DVD and will probably be referring to material from it during this series!) However, it's a cuisine that's always fascinated me as it were from afar, though I can't say that when I've tried it I've always liked it—I also can't say I've given it a fair chance, which is what this month is intended to do. I'll be researching, experimenting, and posting about what I've learned, with pictures.

This experience is all about learning, not only about Japanese cooking, but also somewhat about Japan itself and specifically Japanese Buddhism, a huge influence on Japanese vegetarian cuisine. In conjunction with the food challenge, I'm also going to try to read through Heinrich Dumoulin's Zen Buddhism: A History – Japan (more on which later). This is one of those books I bought years ago intending to read it "when I have time"—well…what better time than now? So I'm hoping that there will be some inspiring Buddhist-themed quotations along the way.

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