Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to peel almonds

All these images represent two cups of almonds. Put a large pot of water on to boil. When it's boiling, pour in the almonds. Cook for two minutes.

At the end of two minutes, you can test an almond by fishing it out and ensuring it pops readily out of its skin when encouraged (by your squeezing it). Drain them, and let them cool for five minutes or so, so you don't burn yourself when handling them. Then squeeze each almond out of its skin. This is easy, and goes fast, though if you're planning to wash your kitchen floor, I'd advise you to do it before you start all this almond business, as they are rather slippery.

I was peeling almonds for almonzano, and I wanted to make sure they were as dry and flavourful as possible, so I slipped them into the oven for five minutes or so while it was preheating for my supper. Let the almonds cool completely before further processing.

Friends, you can make almonzano without peeling your almonds, and it tastes just as good. Why did I peel them then? For you. Just for you.

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