Thursday, August 13, 2009

The "coming out" of the pierogi

Tonight was the night. All that work making pierogi, and finally it was time for them to make their debut, at a supper at my parents' house, with the parents, my two aunts, and Grandma Lulu, all pierogi connoisseurs. Ooh, I was so nervous!

I couldn't cook them there, so I followed Grandma Lulu's recipe for making them into a kind of casserole. First, start some onions caramelizing:
Next, cook the pierogi, but do it in batches so you don't crowd the pot. Each batch, though frozen, needs only about a minute or so, since the filling is already cooked:

As each batch gets cooked, fry it lightly, then slide it into a casserole:

When everything is done, put it all together with a little added pepper. It will keep for a while, and can be gently reheated in the oven:

Over to my parents' I go, pierogi in hands. What? I am in charge of the other vegetable dishes too? Well, all right! We are using produce from the parents' garden, so we roasted beets (which I am afraid we forgot about in all the excitement of the other dishes, so they were allowed to caramelize at 400F for about two hours until they looked quite strange, shrivelled and un-beet-like, but tasted fantastic, like lumps of beet-flavoured sugar, so—er—we'll be doing that again), and I cut up zucchini coins, brushed them with olive oil, and broiled them. While they broiled, I made a little sauce of olive oil, lightly fried garlic, and balsamic vinegar to pour over them:

Then I made a salad out of garden tomatoes, garden cucumber, and avocado (from the store: remember, this is Canada), with a light lemon vinaigrette and some garden parsley:

The finished thing: divine! Everybody liked it! Grandma Lulu was even kind enough to say that there was no comparison between my pierogi and the store-bought kind. So, thank you, Isa. I gave you credit then and I give it now. The food was good, but even apart from that, it was a really great evening. I am so fortunate in having relatives I like so very much.

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  1. Great photography, as usual! And the meal was a gastronomical (sp?) delight. Thanks for doing all that for us (your family).
    We love you, too.
    Your parents.
    Also, the spider pictures below are amazing. Better make sure SHE never gets into your house!