Friday, July 10, 2009

Zucchini cakes

More zucchini! This is actually tied for my number 1 favorite zucchini recipe, and it comes together in about ten minutes from start to finish.

Take one (grocery store-sized, or equivalent piece of garden-sized) zucchini, and grate it coarsely. No need to squeeze out the water. Add salt and pepper, and then sprinkle on about 3 tbsp besan (chickpea) flour, just to coat (you can also add fresh herbs and/or green onions or chives, but you don't have to). Toss the chickpea flour and the zucchini--the mixture should be neither crumbly nor watery. Meanwhile, heat your cast iron or nonstick skillet to medium heat, and when hot, pour in about 1 tbsp canola oil and tilt the pan to spread it around. Add egg-sized clumps of the zucchini mixture to the pan, and flatten them down with a spatula into pancakes. Cover the pan and cook for about five minutes, flip, and cook uncovered another three minutes or so, until both sides are flecked with a lovely golden brown.

I had this with the cashew-cucumber dip from Veganomicon, and green onion cakes made from leftover chappati dough (it lasts for three days or so in a covered container). I was starving tonight and this hit the spot. Yum!

I also went out into the garden and did some more photography.

These are forget-me-nots, unbeliveably tiny little flowers. Did you see the mite in the flower on the right? Neither did I. Click and be enlightened.

Below, one of a million bells:

The back of a borage flower:

My sorrel, going to seed:

A stink bug:

Ant farm (literally: they are farming aphids):

And...whoa, creepy!

My macro photography still has a long way to go. I had no idea the bar could even be set so high. I've ordered a special macro lens, and hope it arrives soon!

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