Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The stupendousness of my garden, part 1

(My garden is truly stupendous, so there are going to be a lot of parts to this series ;-)

Welcome! I live in a townhouse with a very large yard, which over the nearly 18 years I have been here I've converted from plain sods to...well...this. When you come in my front door, you look straight through the living room and enormous patio windows (pervious to cold air and ants) and this is what you see. Since we are in Edmonton, Canada, the view is always changing.

Here you see that the day lilies are mostly done, the lupins are just past their peak, the creeping thyme is in full flower, and the calendula is only starting to get started. Click to check out the hens and chicks amongst the rocks!

Here's the same view in about early May:

...and it should reach its apex of beauty at about the end of July. Canada, gotta love it. (I do, actually.) Maybe one reason I'm so fond of bugs is that they're only around for half the year.

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