Sunday, July 5, 2009

The stupendous beauty of my parents' garden

When my parents go out of town, I take care of their kitty, Kitty. We have lots of fun together. We watch movies, we play, we eat, and this weekend we had a photo shoot. Kitty loves the camera.

The parents' garden is a conventional vegetable garden, which they dig over every year. I was surprised at how few insects there were there, compared with mine. Here's one, a sowbug (check out the missing part of its armor plating near its head):

Is this camera uber-fantastic, or what? This daisy has to be clicked on to be appreciated. I'm finding that plants and creatures I tended to think of in sort of expressionist terms as "simple" are incredibly complex and beautiful when seen through the camera lens. Or--correct that--I see even less through the viewfinder than I do with my naked eye, but the resolution is so high that the finished image on my computer opens up whole new wonderful worlds of detail.

A zucchini flower. Wow:

And, finally, Kitty...A+, business class, superfantastic, jade-eyed gorgeousness...

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