Friday, July 3, 2009

New camera

Why did I buy it? Well…

1) My old one was broken. I am pitifully frugal, with a low opinion of my artistic abilities, so I've always just used hand-me-down equipment, and generally speaking there were good reasons that it got handed down. The camera with which I have taken all pictures on this blog before this post had belonged to another member of my family, who unfortunately dropped it, smashing the little wheely thing that lets you change the settings back. So…er, once you change the settings (the exposure to maximum, for instance), you can't change them back. Essentially, this meant that although the camera was free to me, I was stuck with its automatic mode.

2) Compare this with this. Same recipe, different cameras. Deb's a very talented photographer, of course, but did my photograph have to be so utterly wretched in comparison? So I've been playing with the new one all day and have arrived at the fervent wish that someday I may be worthy of it, for it is freaking amazing. Check this out (I mean click on it to bring up it up full-sized):

I love cooking, and I love insects, and this is my first insect picture. Soon, very soon, I will learn how to ask them to pose nicely for me. (By the way, when I took the picture, I thought there was only one insect in it. How many can you find?)

And here's the segue into what I had for supper tonight:

Chiang Mai tofu grill, again from Rebar's ModernFoodCookbook. What can I say? I wanted to try the peanut sauce. Yeah, it was really good. But you know, they were coy in the cookbook, and I quote "…and warm peanut sauce on the side." Peanut sauce is never, unfortunately, photogenic, but it is darn tasty!

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